I am one of those Americans who doesn’t really know every nationality I have in my DNA.  My husband is too.  I suppose we could go to some DNA testing place, spit in a cup, and have a scientist tell us; but I’m okay just saying I’m an American!  We do know, from our parents and grandparents, some of our ancestry, so we decided to use this shorter week to explore the flavors in the countries of our origin!

One of the places we both share ancestors with is Germany, sometimes called “the land of poets and thinkers”… I like that!   Berlin, the capital city, is nine times bigger than Paris!

Germany is also home to many inventions and firsts:   The first printing press, invented by Johannes Gutenberg, and the first printed book (the Bible), the cuckoo clock, florescent lamp, aspirin, and the pregnancy test.

As far as foods go, Germany is one of the largest beer consumers in the world, second only to Ireland, and there are over 300 different kinds of bread. We aren’t using beer or bread today, though… We’re turning to potatoes and BRATS!

Fried Brats with Bratkartoffeln and a salad


  • Brats
  • 1 large potato for each person you’re serving
  • 1 onion
  • butter
  • oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. The night before, boil potatoes in their skins until slightly tender, but still hard enough to slice. Put in refrigerator overnight.                  germany
  2. Peel and slice the cold potatoes into thin slices and set aside. Heat frying oil. germany2
  3. Slice onion (or chop, depending on texture preference) and fry in butter until caramelized, set aside.                                                                      germany3
  4. Fry potatoes until golden brown, about 10 minutes per batch, then combine the potatoes and onions, top with sliced butter, and set into the oven at 300 degrees.                                                                                                             germany4
  5.  Slice Brats and cook in a frying pan, tossing frequently, until toasted. germany5
  6. Guten appetit! (enjoy your meal)                                                                                                         germany6

I know. I bought Brats from the grocery store. It was a busy Monday.

The Bratkartoffeln though?  I fry potatoes all the time. I have never boiled them first, but I’m trying to stay true to the recipes I find. The only difference I could find in these and the ones I normally do, were that they were more crumbly. I did like them, but the prep was too labor intensive to justify changing the way I normally do it in the future.  Frying brats is great, though! The flavor really comes out, even more so than grilling them!

I hope you enjoyed our trip to Deutschland, and our quick, easy meal with lots of flavor!  The next country we’re visiting will be the land my great grandmother came from… Poland!

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